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Representative PindDaan is not a type of Pind Dan, It is a service provided by us ,This service is for people who have not time to visit to GAYA, but want to give Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or departed family members, In this service, Inplace of you all the pooja is done by other people for your ancestors,and he or she will give Pind or Tarpan to your ancestors inplace of you, And for your confirmation that Pind or Tarpan or Pooja is done for your ancestors, We will deleiver you the CD casette of pooja to your given address,

IMPORTANT:- Inplace of use of this service, It is better to try to visit GAYA for one day and to do EKODRISTI Gaya Shradh, This service is only for people who have not a single day to visit Gaya or no any means of transport to reach INDIA or due to lack of time, he or she is helpless,but want to offer Pind or Tarpan to his ancestors or any departed family members

If you want to use this service then inform us via phone or E-Mail, and give details of your departed family members (like Name, Age when he or she is died, Nautral death or unnatural death means of deadth, Hard copy or scan copy of his Photograph, Your relationship with him), for which you want to organize pooja,

And to know the charges of this service and for any more details about REPRESENTATIVE PIND DAAN service contact us on :

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When actually Lord Rama Chandra came to Gaya to offer Pind Dan (Pind Daan) or Shraddha to his Father Dashratha?It is believed that Rama belonged to Treta Yuga,This yuga covered 12,96,000 mortal years.

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